Soul Ascension was intentionally created as a space where you can feel nurtured and supported to overcome the challenges and limitations you may be experiencing in life, whether they are Physical, Emotional, Mental or Spiritual.

It’s a place where you can breakthrough these limitations, connect with your true self and expand into the life of your dreams through Kinesiology, Energy Healing, Soul Healing and Magnetic Mind Coaching.



 ‘Soul Ascension’ was created as a way to share my knowledge and experience and help others ascend beyond their limitations


From the moment I could talk as a small child, I wanted to help people. 

I feel so grateful to have finally found my calling, my life purpose or ‘Dharma’ as some may call it. 

‘Guiding and assisting others through their journey and helping them rise above what is holding them back in life’ 



 Soul Ascension welcomes you, no matter your journey, background, beliefs or identity. All are welcome in this safe space of healing and growth. 

If your interested in a session, make a booking with Soul Ascension now!