Are limitations holding you back from your truest life and potential?

Soul Ascesnion can help you ascend beyond these limitations through a multidimensional approach of Kinesiology, Soul Healing and Coaching,
to a place where your soul can truly shine, expand and grow!

What Clients say about
Soul Ascension

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what clients say:

Always an amazing and insightful experience. I love to resolve, learn and heal things about myself and my experience. With Katherine at Soul Ascension, I definitely get many opportunities to do this through her insight, knowledge and access in healing capabilities


I’d had Kinesiology done before, and didn’t really feel different, however with Kat, it has become such a powerful part of my self-care. Each session is totally different, and makes complete sense for whatever I need at that exact time. Kat has a beautiful nature, and is such a beautiful healer. I am shedding layers, healing limiting beliefs/actions, improving my thoughts and becoming more and more of who I am with every session


Katherine has been working with me on alleviating chronic pain in my lower back and pelvis area. Not only has she been successful in significantly reducing this pain, but also leaves me with the awareness at the emotional level and inspires and motivates me to look deeply at my life experiences. Thank you so much Katherine for your wonderful work



Soul Ascension is based in Adelaide, South Australia.

If you are not from Adelaide – Distant /Remote sessions are also available:

In person

Come see me in person for sessions in Croydon Park SA


Connect with me through phone or zoom. Great if you are not from Adelaide, currently unwell, or would prefer not to drive to your session


Enjoy the benefits of a session from the comfort of your home while I energetically connect with you and create the changes you need remotely. Great if you are busy and don’t have time for an in person/distance session

I look forward to connecting with you and helping you ascend beyond your limitations.

Much love,

Katherine xx


In-person, remote or distant sessions available to help you move beyond your everyday limitations

Soul Healing

Healing beyond the 4th Dimension of your being and supporting you on your Soul’s true path. In-person, remote or distant sessions available.


Life coaching to help you manifest the life you truly desire. In-person and remote sessions available.